Frontier Apocalypse

is a PvP and PvE experience where you can roleplay post-apocalyptic survival on a 1:80 scale replica of the Western United States in Minecraft with war, disease, and exploring..

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Minecraft Java & Bedrock

Game Timeline

How everything began....
COVID-19 Microsocope View
The Pandemic
COVID-19 variants devastate economies and supply lines internationally. The world never truly recovers.
Fighter with Sword
Rising Unrest
Small wars and civil unrest is seen all over the world, supplies are limited even in first-world countries.
The New Gorilla Flu
The New Flu
The outbreak of a new virus; "Gorilla Flu" seals off most countries, causing destabilization.
Minecraft players fighting
China and Russia enter a war against the United States over disputes in Ukraine, the South Pacific and India. Some NATO-aligned countries refuse to assist.
Nuclear Fallout
World War 3
Nuclear war breaks out during a naval engagement near Taiwan. The latest weapons of mass destruction bring global catastrophe.
Scattered Books
Some heads of state, philanthropists and scientists gather together to create the American Resettlement Commission, tasking refugees with repopulating the American West.

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